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A research has shown that wearing jewelry can increase an individual’s self-esteem. In one study, wearing jewelry was shown to reduce irritability in nursing home patients with memory disorders, by increasing their self-regard.

Psychologists have associated certain types of jewelry with specific personality features.

For example:

  • Wearing small, minimally decorated, earring studs is way of communicating that one has a sense of fashion and style, but no need to draw excessive attention to oneself. Some experts see these pieces of jewelry as signs of stability and confidence.


  • On the other hand, large hoop earrings are usually intended to draw attention to oneself.


  • Large dramatic jewelry pieces such as chunky, dangling necklaces and elaborate rings are associated with extroversion, attention-seeking, and having an active social life.


  • People who prefer to wear turquoise, natural stones and sea glass or shell necklaces may be individuals who value the natural world and the outdoors.


  • Traditionalists often have classic tastes in furniture and clothing and usually prefer elegant and simple jewelry, such as pearl earrings and necklaces. They tend toward high-end brand names and take great care and attention to detail in all of their accessories.


  • Very organized women often wear matched pieces of jewelry or coordinate their jewelry with other accessories and items of clothing such as belts, shoes and purses.


  • Finally, there people who prefer artistic and studio-produced jewelry. They often wear vintage pieces that are highly distinctive and unique. Brand names are not important to them and they often look for special pieces in thrift shops and antique stores.


Which one of those categories do you can relate yourself and your personal style? Did you agree with the statement?

Please, share your opinion in the comments bellow! Will be a pleasure to know about your thoghts 🙂

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